We are raising money to save the animals that are suffering the harsh consequences of the reality in Venezuela, under the regime. The situation is critical and chaotic. We need your support to keep this amazing operation going. Thank you.

In Venezuela, due to the great economic and social crisis, people have been forced to abandon their pets in the streets or leave them in shelters that do not have the necessary resources to give them a quality of life until they can be adopted again. Your contributions will allow these shelters and ONG’s to provide them with shelter, food and the medicines they so desperately need and give these helpless animals a new chance at life.

En Venezuela, debido a la gran crisis económica y social, las personas se han visto obligadas a abandonar sus mascotas en las calles o dejarlos en refugios que no cuentan con los recursos necesarios para darles una calidad de vida hasta que puedan ser adoptados. Tu contribución permitirá que se les pueda ofrecer albergue, comida y medicinas para que así, estos animales indefensos puedan tener una nueva oportunidad en la vida.